My Argos Card

My Argos card has completely revolutionized shopping. Gone are the days when you had to be with your wallet full of money and exact change in case the lady at the counter did not have. With the card, that’s all you need to have. Do all the shopping and swipe the card and you instantly start gaining credit point. When registering for the card for use, ensure you have the card in your hands and the card statement. This is because during registration they’ll ask for some information on the card and card statement.

With these in hand the My Argos card registration will be done in a few minutes. After the registration is complete, checking of balance, use at the counter and making secure credit payments will be possible. Say goodbye to pocket full of a fat wallet and say hello to the way of the Argos card.

Benefits come from using this card and they go together with free-interest credit plans. This means that at some point you’ll be going into the store, shopping for what you want and walking out without paying a single cent. Embrace the My Argos card plan and see endless shopping opportunities open up before your eyes.

2 thoughts on “My Argos Card

  1. marion mcdonald

    I am so frustrated||||
    I cannot get an answer on the phone, when i tried to buy something
    in december i hadnt noticed my card had expired and was asked by the store to call argos direct….all i get is a message saying hold or call us back.
    To make matters worse my online account is blocked and i do not know why. Has my account been closed? Service is appalling all i am doing is runing up a phone bill and i do not know if someone is frauduantly using my new card as i certainly have not received one

    1. yourargos Post author

      Your card may be used by someone but it is not a fact yet. It seem like your account has been closed.


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