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Argos Opening Times

Argos is among the biggest stores in the UK and Europe. People have found that they can rely on the efficiency of the store. Why? Because of time. They say time is everything, right? Argos opening times show that we have put all into consideration. Most of the stores across the UK open at 9-10 in the morning and close at between 4 and 5.30 pm. Note that opening on Sunday is at 10 am and closing is at 4 pm. Whether it’s a normal working day or during the weekend, shoppers are given enough time to buy their desired items.


Before the management set the opening and closing times, they had to observe the best times people did their shopping and the flow of customers. As a result they came up with the times mentioned and this has proved to be best for all. Argos opening times are also flexible. During the festive holidays, some stores open for a bit longer as they want to accommodate all with their needs.


Although the best times to go for shopping are mornings on a weekday and weekend afternoons, Argos opening times ensure all get the time they need to buy all they need.

Day Opens Closes
Mon 9AM - 5:30PM
Tue 9AM - 5:30PM
Wed 9AM - 5:30PM
Thu 9AM - 5:30PM
Fri 9AM - 5:30PM
Sat 9AM - 5:30PM
Sun 10AM - 4PM